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An Agency in-need is an Agency indeed! 

The COVID-19 pandemic took the world by storm. Commerce as we knew it, ceased to exist with business across all verticals getting affected. From massive corporations to small businesses, all had to bare the brunt of a struggling economy 

Among the worst affected were a majority of our clients based in the Food & Beverage industry and the fitness industry. 

The Leap of faith 

As social distancing became the norm, Gymnasiums had to be shut-down until any further notice. This is when the going got tough for one of our highly valued client – Endorphins. 

While business remained shut throughout the lock-down, revenue generation came to a complete stand-still. 

However, this is where a informed decision was taken by the team to weather this difficult time out standing next to them albeit the financial struggles 

Our association with Endorphins has been a long one with us handling their content marketing department from close to 3 years and the pandemic helped us realize how valued we are for them as we continue to serve them 


Eventually, a portion of the gym was opened for physiotherapy services, however, the fear of COVID still loomed at large for the members. A trust-building approach was the need of the hour 

Disinfection of the entire physiotherapy section was documented and displayed on social media for restore faith into the members 

Eventually, as the gym opened, adhering to all safety norms, the same process of documentation and presentation was repeated to help break the mental block of the members and help them find their way back to fitness 

Keeping at it 

Also, before the gyms re-opened, even during the lockdown, a campaign was prepared to keep members motivated and engaged. 

Trainers and instructors were made to prepare tailor-made work-outs to help keep the members stay fit with virtual instructions .

In conclusion 

Today, as we step into a post-COVID world and embrace the new-normal, we’re glad that we stuck along with our client even when the future seemed uncertain .

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