Kolkata Municipal Corporation The Amphan Cyclone Crisis

Campaign Brief : Kolkata Municipal Corporation had already undergone a complete brand turn around 2018 onwards pertaining to their approachability, accountability and functioning. 

However, as the Cyclone Amphan took Kolkata by storm in an already COVID strained environment, public opinion started to wither. 

The job at hand was to: 

  1. Control the damage  
  2. Re-instate faith 
  3. Re-achieve favaourable opinion 

Our Approach: 

4-Way Perception Turnkey Approach (3i 1e hammer) 

  1. Inform 
  2. Intrigue 
  3. Engage 
  4. Inspire 


Step 1 

The first step in addressing a problem is to acknowledge there is one 

The first conscious decision was to openly and vastly showcase the massive devastation caused by the cyclone 

The very next morning of the storm, our team set out risking all to document the ruins of the storm 

The citizens of Kolkata needed to be informed about the impact of the storm in order to brace for impact of the upcoming days of difficulty of power shortage, disrupted services, drain blockage and road blockage 

The video content went viral with social media users downloading the content and sharing outside the platform as well. 

The reach can be seen in the screengrab 

Step 2 

As the impact of the storm was settling in, a timely appeal for peace was launched 

With the help of the Hon’ble Chairman, Board of Administrators, Kolkata Municipal Corporation a video message was prepared, urging citizens to maintain peace, keep a little patience and re-assuring them that the Kolkata Municipal Corporation, despite fighting the war against Corona, was leaving no stone unturned to restore Kolkata to normalcy 


Kolkata as we knew it wasn’t the same after Amphan. Iconic trees of the city had fallen prey to the gushing winds and had given way after decades of bearing it all. 

Thus began the Herculean task to re-planting these trees and clearing the dead ones off the streets. Out came the massive machinery of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation to swing into action and clear the streets 

Content was made around this activity to intrigue the citizens of Kolkata with the heavy-duty machinery and their operations 

This massively helped in re-instating faith onto citizens that swift action was being taken by the Kolkata Municipal Corporation 


Step 1 

The next step was to engage was the citizens. 

The idea was to showcase that the first Citizen of Kolkata, the Hon’ble Mayor of Kolkata (Chairman, Board of Administrators, KMC) was out on the streets himself in order to oversee clearing of the streets, removal of trees along with restoration of the power cables 

Step 2

A word of thanks was also sent out for all the different organizations and agencies who came on the front line in order to help restore the city back to normalcy .


The fourth and most important step remaining was to connect with the citizens and inspire them to come forward as well in this battle against the destruction 

Under the inspiration of the Hon’ble Chief Minister Smt Mamata Banerjee, massive re-plantation drives were started across the state in order to make up for all the lost green cover 

Citizens were inspired to come forward and help restore fallen trees, thus shifting the emotion towards belongingness and care for the city over hatred towards already over-burdened authorities 

In totality, close 50 lakh citizens were reached through our social handles during the overall campaign, helping in its own way to help turn around the image of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation .

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