Case study

Kolkata Municipal Corporation had already undergone a complete brand turn around 2018 onwards pertaining to their approachability, accountability and functioning. 

However, as the Cyclone Amphan took Kolkata by storm in an already COVID strained environment, public opinion started to wither. 

An Agency in-need is an Agency indeed! 

The COVID-19 pandemic took the world by storm. Commerce as we knew it, ceased to exist with business across all verticals getting affected. From massive corporations to small businesses, all had to bare the brunt of a struggling economy. 

Among the worst affected were a majority of our clients based in the Food & Beverage industry and the fitness industry. 


Pathfinfer WhatsApp marketing

In November 2019, a conscious decision was taken by the team to push the sale of a low value product for Pathfinder – the Board mock-test.

In the initial communication via WhatsApp, an offer was presented to the parents that upon registering for the mocktest within one week of receiving the WhatsApp message, a discount of 50% would be given on the price. 

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